Georgian journalists visit the Royal Wine Cellar of the Alaverdi Monastery in Kakheti Region of Georgia. In the cellar journalists have the opportunity to learn the ancient tradition of Georgian wine making.

As it is mentioned on the official site of the monastery, since the XI century the Royal Monastery of Alaverdi represents a sacred place for the Kings of Kakheti - Hereti area of Georgia. It is the dwelling place of many Georgian saints and monks. At the same time, the monastery and its wine cellar has become one of the core places of Qvevri type Kakhetian traditional wine making.

Making wine in Qvevri (special big amphora made of clay) is the ancient Georgian tradition. The Monk’s Wine made in Qvevri helps to cure one’s body and soul. The monks of the monastery say that if you taste the Monk’s Wine of Alaverdi you immediately feel the Georgian Royal Majesty and the grace of monastic simplicity.

Today in the Alaverdi wine cellar the XXI century is grown old and the XI century is rejuvenated, in order to let the old and modern technologies blend into one. Besides the Monk’s Wine, travelers can also buy ecologically pure honey made by the monks of the monastery.

Ketevan Mghebrishvili


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